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  • We have 24 x 7 Customer support to help you whenever you require, Try our Phone 040 6992 6992
  • We provide Unlimited Validity of pricing packages - You can send SMS when ever you need it
  • We are Cent Percent Genuine and Reliable - Guaranteed On time Delivery
  • We welcome complaints and love to work on it to get better - Always First Priority
  • We offer Fast-paced and accurate deliveries - Instant Custom Reports
  • We offer Instant Activation of your Account after a swift set up done by you
  • Best Reseller panel Ever - Unique designed templates for Resellers

Our Happy Customers Speak

  • User Avatar
    Ravi Kumar 12 Jan 15, 2014

    Our E commerce website need instant OTP and Order Transaction SMS, Bulk SMS Service given stable API service and SMS delivering with in 2 sec, very happy about the service and Delivery, They provide genuine delivery reports, Thank you !

  • User Avatar
    13 mins ago Prasad Babu

    Itís great! Awesome Service and Delivery, Support team always helps us while Integrating API, We had Little Confusion about how to go, But itís clear we are daily getting some leads only cause of Bulk SMS.

  • User Avatar
    Ramesh Yadav 14 mins ago

    We are using SMS for travel service, we have other operators also but after using Bulk SMS Service, its good delivery and Guaranteed Reports makes us comfort and we completely adopted to Bulk SMS Service, Thank you guys !

  • User Avatar
    Vishnu Vardham 12 Jan 15, 2014

    Its Good and Great service! As per our experience we got your services time to time. Your service is world class and so we are wishing you all the best and hope you keep going. Thank You.

  • User Avatar
    13 mins ago Lakshmi Kanth

    One of the Best Service. We had looked for many hosting service providers across the world. Compared the plans, services, offers, prices etc. After going through them we found BULK SMS as the Best service providers in terms of flexibility in choosing the plans, services, offers and prices.

  • User Avatar
    Anil Kumar 14 mins ago

    Fast Service!!! BULK SMS Services in India is excellent because BULK SMS are reached with in 2 seconds. I m fully satisfy with BULK SMS. Thank You.

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